Kiralokas Vad Feketsor, Avar ban Soterdo

An intensely driven full-metal wrecking ball.


Kiralokas Vad Feketsor. Her name means “of the lord, she with the wild black mane.”

Avar ban Soterdo. Knight of the Dark Wood.

A full-clad warrior whose identity and slender form is obscured by the bulk of her armour. Despite the truth of her physique, she carries a huge, normally two-handed sword in just one hand. Her most striking features are her thick dark hair and her frighteningly intense eyes.

Her signature weapon, the sword, breaks into segments and can be used as a bladed whip, making Kiralokas a versatile and unpredictable opponent.


All the stories Kiralokas shares are by the fire, in the pits of Abyssium, after a few drinks in fie of the dangers of the dark.

The first was a brief of her people. Knights sworn and held by codes of honour and fealty, the Avarbans of Soterdo dwell in a dangerous forested land of longer nights and shorter days. They follow a warrior monarch.

The second is about warfare. The warbands of Soterdo are small, comprised of highly-skilled Avarbans who employ tactics of ambush and harrying against one another and dangerous beasts. Their codes of honour do not dictate a battlefield, but do dictate the manner in which other Avarbans are treated and ransomed when the fighting is over. The people of Soterdo live in caers.

At this point, nothing else is known.

Kiralokas Vad Feketsor, Avar ban Soterdo

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